I approached Claire as an utter skeptic, having unsuccessfully tried numerous treatments including counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, medication, and even other forms of hypnotherapy for some long-standing mental health issues (dissociation, anxiety, and addiction) - the physical symptoms of which have severely impacted my life for a number of years.


After just three sessions with Claire, my quality of life has profoundly improved. Claire has broken the cycle! Not only have my physical symptoms been drastically alleviated; I feel calmer, more confident, more self-assured, and more present in my own life than I have in years. The story that I tell myself has changed, too - the cynicism and desperation that I saw towards my own situation has now transformed into a positive focus on my own self-care, and a future free of issues that have plagued me since my teenage years.


Claire's technique - whilst initially seeming a little unorthodox - can only be described as magic! Rather than just focusing on treating a singular symptom and sending you on your way, wallet relieved, Claire takes a holistic approach to address the underlying causes and ensure that you are actually getting better. Claire is a warm, caring, conscientious person who genuinely cares about improving your wellbeing - and has the insight and skills to do so! The treatment has been nothing short of life-changing.

I simply cannot thank her enough, or recommend her highly enough!

— Liam Gomez

Claire has helped me with some deeply personal & difficult issues, things I didn't think anyone could help me with let alone help me get rid of. She went the extra mile with me just to ensure that I was where I should be. Not only is she amazing at what she does (and I'm still mind blown at what she does) she's a beautiful person who totally puts you at ease. I'm extremely grateful and recommend her massively!! Life changer really, because the mind is everything!

— Tori Button

“I had a increasingly bad problem with insomnia brought about by a spiralling cycle of stress and worry. After a consultation with Claire followed by 3 sessions, my sleep patterns vastly improved and I can now deal with this and other issues with the self-hypnosis she taught me.”​ 


"I went to see Claire after I had hit a confidence wall - which had manifested in my driving lessons. You see - I had previously been abused physically and mentally as a child - the point of being told I was stupid everyday took its toll, despite getting a degree and Masters.
I have now taken my driving test, and I have come out really positive despite not passing - actually taking the test was a major step, but enjoying it was a bonus. I will succeed thanks to Claire's hypnosis methods and tools after, and not just with driving.

Thanks to Claire, it was like a huge weight has been lifted out of my head - years of hurt gone.

Claire, I can't thank you enough."


"I have tried hypnotherapy before but found it flimsy and unconvincing. Claire's approach is practical and effective, giving you clear and measurable progress in a short period of time.

I would recommend her services highly."



"Claire took me through a Mindscaping session to focus my thoughts and provide me with a new perspective. Previously my thoughts were muddled and I was unknowingly placing barriers in my own way. Her gentle, professional approach made me feel relaxed and supported however throughout I was made to feel that I was always in control. Claire has excellent people skills and a genuine desire to help people regain or maintain control of their own lives. Invaluable support and without question I'd recommend even if you are skeptical." — Helen

"I’ve suffered with chronic pain (fibromyalgia) for several years as well as osteoarthritis in my lower spine for about 15 years. Claire introduced me to totally new ways to manage this pain and the mental and emotional suffering that has come with my conditions. The sessions are very relaxed and Claire made me feel totally at ease. Her methods and practices are tailored to each client, so made it all the more comfortable to relate to and utilise. I can now approach and access my physical, mental and emotional pains to help cope with them day to day." 


"This is a wonderful technique. It helped me with my pain and continues to do so. Three sessions for pain management and i'm able to control my pain levels much better, even eliminate it. Claire is a great therapist who sees through the mess of the mind." — Cindy

"I have been really impressed by Claire's professionalism, warmth and skill. She is an empathetic person who is really easy to talk to; she listens carefully and knows how to adapt her therapeutic approach to suit the person she's working with. Her fee is very competitive; whatever your issue, I'd really recommend you give Claire a go." 


"I went to Claire because I suffer bad fibromyalgia and anxiety. Claire made me feel very comfortable. My consultation was informative. I have booked in for sessions and very much looking forward. Claire has given me hope where the doctors failed and most of all she listened and understood. Highly recommend." 


"I have found life tough at times and lately my employment has not been reliable and therefore, as fulfilling. I have had a few good years of financial insecurity and a few knocks, which had hit my confidence. I wanted to do better, but I felt the feelings of fear and failure at the thought. 
Claire helped me to stop overthinking and worrying about the things I cannot change and for my subconscious to push me for the things I want. 
I’ve also learnt to quieten my tinnitus and worry, through asking my subconscious to. 
I now feel that I am ready to tackle things again. I tackled some tasks that I was worried about and the result have been better than I expected. It showed me that I have to keep going and continue to fight for what I want. Thank you, Claire! "

—Jason Smith

"I really cannot thank you enough for the changes you have helped me make. 

40 years of struggling with my eating habits and many diets, fitness regimes all scuppered, by me unconsciously putting food (chocolate mostly) in my mouth, picking up sweet things when shopping and eating them, then feeling bad about it straight afterwards. I can now just not do it.
I don’t have to even think “don’t do it!” it just does not occur to me to do it."


"I found the sessions very helpful and was given a lot of confidence from Claire and I now feel that I can do anything. I am glad I made the choice to go and see her."

— Hazel

"Claire listened carefully and patiently whilst I told her about my sleep problems. She helped me find a solution which has had a lasting effect, leaving me able to function better each day." 


"Claire told me she could teach me to control my subconscious, I wasn’t very good friends with it, she taught me to be amused by it and not be cross with it. I went to her as I was frightened on outside metal staircases. I can now walk up them and not worry about them falling apart. In addition, I discovered I could talk my subconscious into letting me sleep in until the alarm goes. I frequently wake at 4.30 and was not able to go back to sleep. I have delightful conversations with my subconscious. You are never alone when you can chat to your subconscious."



"When starting this whole process, I was on the fence about whether or not this would help me. I've had anxiety about travelling for as long as I can remember. So I was skeptical to say the least. However now at the end of my sessions and having just flown long haul with minimal anxiety I am happy to say this has work very well for me and in general has reduced my anxiety levels. I definitely recommend Claire, she finds a way that will work for you."



"I was looking to go to hypnotherapy and when I came across Claire. I read a lot of reviews that people had written about their experiences with Claire’s sessions. I was very impressed with what I read and felt confident to approach Claire as she seemed to be a faultless remedial hypnotist. Coming out of my sessions with Claire, I can completely agree with the reviews in which I read prior to sessions. She is exceptional in what she does and I am so grateful for all of her help. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who is also looking to try hypnotherapy."




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