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Research by the British Pain Society found that 43% of the UK population experience chronic pain, with up to 14.3% living with chronic pain that is either moderately or severely disabling. 

Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

If you're one of the many people who struggle daily to cope with long-term, persistent pain, you've probably tried pretty much everything. Painkillers may have little effect; they can also be addictive and cause drowsiness, brain fog, digestive issues and all kinds of other unpleasant side effects. Exercise may be helpful, but when your sleep is poor and you wake up exhausted and stiff it's hard enough to even crawl out of bed to the shower. 


When you've been suffering for a long time you may well be experiencing depression and anxiety which can make the experience of pain even worse. It's a cycle that's hard to break. You may try to push through the pain, but the exhaustion eventually becomes too much and you're not able to keep working, or you have to give up activities you used to enjoy. It affects every aspect of your life.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is any persistent pain that carries on for more than about 12 weeks. If you've had pain for this long or longer, your pain system will have become better at creating pain. Your nerve cells become more sensitive and responsive: they learn to make more pain. As you learn to expect it and start to believe it will always be there, it causes those signals to fire more regularly.


Much like anxiety, we can get into a habit of scanning our bodies for any sign of discomfort. Tension, anxiety and low mood reduces our pain tolerance. When no direct physical cause for your pain can be found, doctors may tell you it's psychological: "all in your head". This is not helpful: ALL pain is REAL! If you're feeling it, it's real. 

Pain is useful as a response to tissue damage; it lets us know that something is wrong and reminds us to protect the injury. Think of it as a fire alarm: very important to alert us to a fire, but not at all appropriate once the fire has been put out. 

In chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, the alarm is going off constantly when there is no fire.

Reduce or Eliminate Pain with Hypnosis

Everyone is different, and our experience of pain varies widely. I work with the subconscious mind using methods that are tailored to your unique needs. In this way, we can re-train your brain to block those unnecessary pain signals and change your perception of and emotional response to the intensity and unpleasantness of pain. We can also address other symptoms such as anxiety and depression, brain fog, poor sleep, weight gain and fatigue.

If your pain is still being investigated by the doctor I can't get involved; obviously I don't want to help you turn off pain that's alerting you to an injury or illness. If, however, your doctor has found no underlying physical cause and can only prescribe pain medication, I'd be happy to work with you.


Check with your doctor first!

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