Although I've always been interested in hypnosis, being a hypnotist myself was not my original career plan. I went to university in my 40s (better late than never!) with the intention of becoming a theatre technician. This was going quite well until I had to walk on a wire mesh grid two storeys above a stage to hang lights. I'd forgotten about my fear of heights.  

I was a mess. I just couldn't do it. I told myself that it was perfectly safe, that the grid was so strong you could park a car on it, but logic doesn't work with phobias. I stood on the edge and my legs refused to move. 

It was embarrassing!

In desperation I decided to try hypnotherapy. I paid a visit to Tim Box, the creator of the CONTROL System. His method was nothing like I imagined a hypnotherapy session to be. No feeling sleepy, no swinging watches or losing consciousness and waking up "fixed". 

It was a conversation between Tim and my subconscious, and I was consciously involved in the whole process. I immediately saw how this could benefit people who are nervous about the idea of someone "messing" with their mind. 

"I have been really impressed by Claire's professionalism, warmth and skill. She is an empathetic person who is really easy to talk to; she listens carefully and knows how to adapt her therapeutic approach to suit the person she's working with." 


Tim swiftly removed the phobia and taught me to communicate with my subconscious mind. After three sessions, not only could I walk on the grid and even enjoy it but I had the tools to change other issues by myself. My anxiety was the first thing to go, closely followed by chronic pain relief from the fibromyalgia that plagued me. I learned to turn the pain off so it's not something I even notice any more. I got rid of my fear of public speaking, scoring much higher grades for university presentations. 

I had a superpower!

I couldn't keep this to myself. I saw friends and family struggling with issues I wanted to help them with the way Tim helped me. My career path was dramatically changed; as soon as I finished university I put away my steel toed boots and adjustable spanner, and trained with Tim as a practitioner. Now I help clients with so many different issues; the simplicity of the method, and the amazing results, still surprise me no matter how many happy clients I see!

Now I can help you to achieve the change you need and have the life you want.


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