Meet Claire

Certified Remedial Hypnotist and Pain Expert

Just like you, I used to struggle daily with chronic pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012, after several years of anxiety, depression and regular migraines.

Surprisingly, it wasn't any of this that led me to hypnotherapy. I just thought I had to put up with it: that the only answer was to try medications that either didn't work or had side effects that were as bad as, if not worse than the original problem. 

The thing that finally changed my life was a fear of heights. It was crippling my ability to pursue my chosen career at the time as a theatrical lighting designer, so I visited hypnotist Tim Box to sort it out. I didn't even mention my pain until the third session, when my fear was gone and I was beginning to realise the possibilities of Tim's technique.

Rather than eliminate the pain for me, Tim suggested that I used the technique he taught me to deal with it myself. I went home and did exactly that.

Don’t let pain have power over you.

You CAN break free!

The fibromyalgia was the first to go. Excited by how simple it was, I turned my attention to my anxiety and mood, stopped grinding my teeth at night, learned to relax as I slept, and haven't had a migraine since!

I dropped out of theatre, trained with Tim's Control Academy, and have since trained with the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy and Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. While I treated my clients for all kinds of issues, my successes with pain were the most exciting. I studied it constantly and tested the limits of what could be done with hypnosis. 

Eventually I decided to work exclusively with chronic pain, helping people like you finally free themselves from it and reclaim their lives!

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