I help toxic relationship survivors take back control by establishing strong boundaries, boosting self esteem and confidence, eliminating shame, triggers, flashbacks, anxiety and panic, without years of therapy.

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Does this sound like you?

You're a good person: kind, loving & caring, always giving but rarely receiving, putting others first, feeling their emotions as though they were your own, but you don't feel worthy of love. 

You had a difficult or abusive childhood and it's still affecting your life. You've been in therapy for years; you understand intellectually that it wasn't your fault, you have no reason to feel guilt or shame, but you just can't accept that on a deeper emotional level.

Your empathic nature causes you to be too forgiving of partners. You make excuses for their bad behaviour, think you can "fix" them and end up in toxic, one-sided or co-dependent relationships with people who treat you badly and will never take responsibility for sorting out their own issues.

When you're in a relationship you have a hard time believing that you're good enough. You need constant reassurance and live in fear that they'll find someone better.

You're an over-apologiser and a people-pleaser. You're uncomfortable with negative emotions and conflict so you work hard to justify everything you do and say, constantly trying to keep others happy without concern for your own feelings. 

You choose partners who are fundamentally incompatible, emotionally unavailable, controlling and manipulative, or physically abusive.

You're unable to say NO, communicate your needs and set boundaries to ensure that your relationships are safe, supportive and respectful. You may not even have a strong sense of what your emotional needs are.

You ended a toxic relationship but you're trauma bonded, unable to fully let go, and secretly believe that they were probably right and it WAS all your fault.

What would your life look like if you..?

Were able to let go of your past for good, along with all that unnecessary guilt and shame?


 Were able to set clear boundaries and STICK to them?

Say NO and mean it, without feeling guilty or backing down to keep the peace?

Were able to walk away from unhealthy relationships with the confidence to know you deserve better?

Were happy to be single for now while you concentrate on creating an awesome life for yourself? 

Were able to communicate your needs, desires and feelings in a positive way?

Could handle criticism without taking it personally?

Didn't worry excessively about what others think?

Believed that you are worthy of the very best that life has to offer? 

Had the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and be open to change?

Could build truly empowering relationships based on trust, communication and honesty?

You have a choice!

Do you want to carry on as you are, repeating the toxic relationship cycle until you eventually give up on love altogether?


Going over and over your past in therapy for months, even years, without ever getting anywhere? 

Resigning yourself to either a lifetime alone, or a lifetime of substandard relationships that leave you feeling unsupported, unsafe and insecure?

Or is it time to take control of your life?
Break the cycle once and for all?
Learn to love yourself enough to finally choose happiness?

Leave the past behind and embrace life NOW?

Are you ready?

Book your FREE 45-minute discovery call and take the first step!

Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.

Michele Rosenthal

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